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Are you a professional client in search of an expert or professional freelancer with ample experience and who knows what they are doing? 

Look no further! MBS Freelance is the #1 freelance platform for connecting and working with PRO or expert freelancers who have multiple years' experience in their industry. 

With MBS Freelance, we offer two quick and easy solutions to start working with a professional, experienced freelancer today: 

  • 2 Solutions To Working With PRO & Expert Freelancers:

    1. The DIY Way - or - 2. The FREE Project Manager Way

    Find and hire PRO or EXPERT freelancers on MBS Freelance, or simply purchase the service of your choice from our online shop, and let an MBS Project Manager handle the rest for you.


How It Works


DIY - You Hire

Get Quality Work Done by a PRO or Expert Freelancer

Post your project on MBS Freelance | Choose a candidate | Pay your freelancer safely & securely online as agreed-upon between you at a Fixed Budget / Rate.
Signup for an account with MBS Freelance, and:
1. Post your project(s)
2. Await freelancers' applications
3. Review Applications
4. Hire your chosen freelancer
5. Work together on your project
5. Release payment / milestones
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We Help You Hire - FREE!

Don't have time to post your project or find a suitable freelancer?

No problem! Let an MBS Project Manager do it for you.
Let an MBS Project Manager take care of hiring the best freelancer for you, and handle aspects related to your project with your freelancer(s). It's free!
1. Purchase a service from our online shop
2. Your Project Manager (PM) finds and assigns the most suitable MBS Freelancer to your project.
3. Your PM ensures the work is completed & send to you for review.
3. Work in final format is delivered to you.
4. Payment is released to the freelancer
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